String theory workshop in Benasque
Arrowhead Camp 2011
XMas Market in Bamberg
November Minicamp 2010 in San Diego
Michelle Obama (2010 Midterms)
Newgrange (Stone Age Tomb)
Cliffs of Moher in Ireland
Co Claire in Ireland
Ruins of the Clonmacnoise monastery
Sunset over Dublin
Visiting London thanks to Eyjafjallajökull
17th Irish Quantum Field Theory Meeting
Arrowhead Camp
Winter Solstice 2009 in Dublin
Around the UPenn campus
Werner Nahm's 60th Birthday
November Mini-Camp 2009
All Souls College in Oxford
Benasque String Theory Workshop
Karate Summer Camp 2009 in Guelph, ON
Trip to Washington, D.C.
Whale Watching in the Santa Barbara Channel
Spring Mini-Camp at Lake Arrowhead
Yosemite Valley
Visiting the KITP in Santa Barbara
Trip to Atlantic City
2009 Banquet at the Philadelphia Dojo
St. Patrick's day in Dublin, Ireland
Philadelphia Portraits
Kayaking on the Salza in Austria
Hiking to the Schuettbauernalm in Austria
Visiting Geneva
Hiking in the Jura close to CERN
Holonomy Groups and Applications in String Theory Workshop in Hamburg, Germany
Karate Summer Camp 2008 in Guelph, ON
Simons Workshop 2008 in Stony Brook, NY
Aoinagi Karate Training, Banquet, Sensei Neville Visit
My apartment at 40th and Pine
Some Impressions from Philadelphia in 2008
Visting Harvard in Boston
Interviewing for the Schroedinger Fellowship in Dublin, Ireland
Special Training in San Diego
Bahnstreik in Nuernberg
Visiting Tassilo in Berlin
Visiting Yang in Oxford, UK
Winterthur Garden, Delaware
Visiting the Big Apple
Mom visiting me in Philadlephia
Bike ride to the Pine Creek Cookhouse